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Discussing Design Without Losing Your Mind – Code and Creativity 2014

Getting feedback from clients, teams, and stakeholders can be terrifying. We’ve all had our designs berated during painful meetings that result in nothing actionable or useful.
This presentation will provide tips and techniques for improving the conversations you have surrounding design with your teams, clients, and organizations. Continue reading

25. October 2014 by Aaron Irizarry

Improving the Conversation Surrounding Design

I had some great opportunities over the last couple of years to work with Adam Connor on building and sharing content surrounding the topic of Critique. We have spoken at conferences, done podcasts and online seminars, and are now starting to workshops … Continue reading

20. July 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Designing Your Design Workspace

Earlier in the week I blogged about workspaces. We spend a lot of time in these places so it goes without saying that it can be very beneficial to really a create an enjoyable space that, lends to creativity, comfort, and fun. … Continue reading

20. January 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Workspace Fun

Our environments really contribute to how we work, and many of us spend a lot of time designing the place where we design. So I though it would be fun to to gather pics from whoever wants to participate. It … Continue reading

13. January 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Putting together great designs starts with putting people together

Putting together great designs, starts with putting people together. This a concept that Bill Scott elaborates on in a great UIE podcast, where he is talking about getting everyone involved with a project to have a shared understanding.

12. January 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

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