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Improving the Conversation Surrounding Design

I had some great opportunities over the last couple of years to work with Adam Connor on building and sharing content surrounding the topic of Critique. We have spoken at conferences, done podcasts and online seminars, and are now starting to workshops … Continue reading

20. July 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Features vs Outcomes

“The features don’t matter. It’s all about the outcomes. What can people do with your software? How does it make them better or happier?” Nice brief right on on users becoming advocates based on the outcomes of using your apps.

07. May 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Assessment of context and suitability in design

“Experiences should be designed. If your interface will be used by humans, you need to design it for humans. Familiarity may well be a factor to consider in that design, but it’s by no means the only one – and … Continue reading

03. May 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Owning Your Design Output

23. February 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

Designing Through Frustration

22. February 2012 by Aaron Irizarry

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