Creating Experience Pt.2 – Color Me Bad

In this video I discuss the use of color when creating experiences. Color can convey a certain message/persona about a site, as well as stir certain emotions in the viewer/user. We will briefly talk bout that in this vid, and look at some links that shed some more light on the topic.

A bit of for-warning… this is a very in-depth topic, and one video or article can not cover all of it. What I attempted to do, is provide a simple understandable overview, and provide links for further research.

Color Me Bad

Here are a few definitions/emotions that have been ascribed to certain colors. (gathered from multiple sites, and resources)

Red – Energy, Power, Danger, Passion, Love, Hot

Orange – Happiness, Organic, Enthusiasm, Success

Yellow – Cheerfulness, Stimulation, Attention-seeking, Caution, Positive

Brown – wholesome, organic, unpretentious

Green – Growth, Refreshing, Fresh, Prestige, Calming,

Blue – reliable, trustworthy, dependable, restful

Purple – spirituality, ceremony, mystery, transformation, royalty

Pink – youthful, feminine, warm

Black  – Serious, Sexy, mystery, submission, danger

White  – Purity, innocent, refreshing, neutral, sterility

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28. January 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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