Design and Designers that Inspire

There is a great writing contest going on over at Designer Daily.
The topic is “Design and Designers You Love”, so here we go.

When it comes to design that inspires me or design that I love, I will have to admit that I have split personalities. I love good well thought out design, but dependent on the day you catch me I may be in more of a minimal design mood, or diggin on some more conventional css sites as I enjoy seeing how different people use css to achieve creative web designs/user interfaces.Seeing the variety of design trends and people’s various creative passions for blog themescss sitesapps, and everything in between has helped me to pursue the ability to provide a well rounded approach to design, from corporate sites to musicians, and tattoo artists I strive to be able to work in each area with equal ability.

Currently this site takes on more of a minimal approach, but you can be sure that it will continue to evolve/change over time, and probably pretty frequently.I have recently been finding inspiration in the design of others and seeing and learning about what they are passionate about, more times than not reading their blogs, or checking out their new designs can be very refreshing. Below is a list of a few of designers that really inspire me to perfect my trade, not only by their talents but by their approach to design.
I Am Garth
Jason Santa Maria
Ryan Russell
Invisible Creature
Keith Barney
Wonderful Union

Who Inspires you by there designs? Who are some of your favorite designers?
What type of design inspires you creatively? I would love to hear from you.

~ Aaron I

24. September 2008 by Aaron Irizarry
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