Designing Through Adversity

As of late I have come across a fair amount of adversity. It started when I got home from the IA Summit back in early April, and has continued until this week. It can be fairly common for designers to come across adversity in their workplace, or at home in family life, but how do we continue to produce great work while working through the hard times. This video aims to provide 3 tips to help.

This week GameFly purchased the division of IGN that I work for. There were certain redundancies as far as design and product resources go, which led to my being laid off. Normally this would be a bad thing… but I knew that it was coming(for the most part) and was able to reach out and find a new opportunity. This next week I will be starting a Senior Product position at PixelFish. I will be able to design the experience of the products and work with the design and dev teams to deploy them.

I am excited for this new challenge that will still allow me to to geek out on the experience of products and sites, while taking my career in a new direction. pixelFish is doing excited things and recently acquired the fast growing start up Backyard.

I also mentioned in the video that I will be presenting at User Research Friday coming up in June. Check out their site for more info.


** Side note… if this video seemed shaky at times… My apologies as I am trying out a new tripod.

25. May 2011 by Aaron Irizarry
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