Evangelizing User Centered Design Pt.2

In the last video I introduced the series and talked a bit about paying our dues, and listening for the real needs when trying to make a case for a user-centered design approach. In part two of the series I discuss the idea of having good reference materials to help in educating others, and validating your position.

I mentioned a great presentation by Whitney Hess about Creating a Culture of UX. make sure to check it out s Whitney provides a great presentation (as usual) and some great resources that relate to this topic.

Again I would encourage you to share frustrations, tips, and experiences when trying to promote a user centered approach to design.

08. June 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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  1. I find myself doing more and more UX stuff on projects at work and people still do not realize that it’s is a job in itself. That is why I have taken an even bigger interest lately and really digging into it.

    I have to use links and sources all the time to prove or convey that there is a purpose for what I’m doing. I can say “I’m working on the user experience,” and people will be like, “huh! just design it.” lol

    Showing proof and sources helps people understand that much more goes into a project besides the “visual” aspect of a design.

    • Josh,
      So true man.. many people don’t understand it, and I can’t blame them. That is why people like us get hired is to help with UX and Design.

      That is so rad that you are getting more involved in the UX side of things!

      A great way to explain it for the the people you work with can be summed up i a quote from Nick Finck…

      “Investing in the customer experience, turns customers into advocates.”

  2. I find UX extremely worthwhile in ECommerce sites I have designed. Ive tracked the revisions I make with Google Analytics as well as order fulfillment, its easy to spot the changes in how users react.

    One of the best resources Ive come across for good UX stats was The Smashing Book (smashingbook.com). I didnt think the book was anything great, but the stats they gathered about UX, color, layouts and how users reacted were exceptional. There was a lot of research that went into that book proving theories.

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