Finding a Path to Achievement

Many of us face the situation of working to match well executed design with project needs, constraints, and requests from stakeholders. We can come across situations where the pursuit of what we would consider “good design” doesn’t line up with what is being asked of us. In this video I discuss the idea of working with stakeholders to find a path to achievement as opposed to getting in a standoff situation.

Not every design scenario we encounter will be ideal, but the challenge for us as designers is to work within those scenarios to find solutions that help accomplish the goals set before us, while still pushing for good design.

** A bit of a disclaimer here. I know that there are times when we simply have to take a stand against bad practices, this isn’t all of the time though, and the more we can show better ways to achieve the goals before us even when constraints or requests seem un-reasonable the better we show our value as designers.

28. November 2011 by Aaron Irizarry
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