Friday Vidcast 11-20-09

In this weeks Friday Vidcast I announce the winner of the first of the two TIAL 1yr anniversary contests, and launch the second contest. Next week the second contest winner will be announced, and between now and then I will be posting some videos based on the topics submitted.

First off Congrats to Mike Savage for winning the $40 credit to make sure to follow him on twitter. I will be contacting you shortly Mike with the details.

Ok so here is the deal for round 2

To enter in the contest you have to do two things:

  1. Tweet this phrase – “Just entered round 2 of the #TIAL 1yr. anniversarry contest here – – now it’s your turn!”
  2. Leave a comment that states your favorite TIAL article… or leave a comment with a topic for next week’s Friday Vidcast

Play by the rules suckas!

**and for extra credit head over to the TIAL Facebook page and become a fan (not mandatory to win contest)

Here is a run down on the prizes again…

1 person will win 2 t-shirts from


1 person will 500 business cards from Uprinting Online Printing Company


1 person will win the new Obox Tumblr theme Slider


1 person will win Gowalla Schwag ( 2 gowalla themed field notes, and stickers and stuff)


Best of luck everyone!

20. November 2009 by Aaron Irizarry
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Comments (13)

  1. yeah but who wins your tatooed fingers?

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  3. A great post. Congrats to Mike Savage.

    For me, one of the best articles that I think you’ve done lately is the Design Identity post that you did. It’s a constant internal struggle and challenge that I have with myself. I always feel I need to know more and add more dialogue to a situation. I always try to be the most knowledgeable person in the room. I hate having to say that I don’t know something. So your post definitely helped me realize that I’m this way and to start reflecting on my ‘design identity’.

    Keep up the great posts. I look forward to hearing some of the other suggestions discussed in last weeks post.


  4. Hmm… my favorite TIAL article? Well I’m gonna have to go with “Connecting With Other Designers” since it has me in it. And we all know I’m awesome. So there you have it.

    Also, I see you’re drinking Stella, that’s too bad.

    And I’ll be thinking of you when I go see “New Moon” this weekend.

  5. Hmmmmm….Probably have to go with “Taking Inventory” as my favorite. Very thought provoking.

  6. Congrats again! My favorite TIAL article is “Design is for Grown Ups… Right?”

  7. My favorite is this Giveaway Vidcast.

    Does that count? And I just tweeted this! Hope I win the Red is White shirts! :)

  8. To me the interview of the “obox” guys was the best. It was not only different, but it was excellent content. It was interesting & insightful how they weren’t sure which direction they were going at first first while they searched for a niche, & made me feel normal as i search for a mine. The key to a really good interview lays w/ the interviewer. The questions brought out the best in them while getting the content you wanted. Their answers were a reflection of a well executed interview. It was a great exchange & flowed well, thats w/ out even taking into account the logistics that it must have involved for an overseas interview that wasn’t in person. Kudos! U seem to have a lot more skills than you’ve tapped into. i hope to see U explore that more, maybe it will be another niche for U! -keep it up!

  9. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
    Favorite article? Gotta be the “design rules to live by” series (ok, so technically it’s not really one article PER SE. Let’s not quibble over semantics).

    Congrats on the blogiversary!

  10. Get well soon my friend. Shopify is the devil. ;)

  11. Yo Yo! Ok so this is too good to pass up!

    The post I want to see in the future is the documentation of the design process behind the upcoming TIAL redesign. A tall task at hand but you asked, ;) Now let the contest begin!

  12. I know I am supposed to list my favorite article but I couldn’t choose just one so I am saying all the Design Rules articles. Always awesome and very informative!

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