Friday Vidcast 3-27-09

Today starts the first in what will be a “Friday Vidcast” that i publish each week. It will cover web design, web development, UX, and news and other any other topics that are related. This week I talk about taking yourself to seriously as a designer, developer, or basically in anything you do.

I also give some love to Jimiyo one of the best apparel designers rockin today, and talk about the rad (yes i said rad… I am bringin it back) contest going on over at From The Couch, that I am fortunate enough to be able to run here on TIAL.

On a side note please excuse the temp intro/outro slide I needed one becasue I was making a weird face in the still frame, I am actually working on a nicer one, so this one will hold court while a cook something up. I am Trying out a viddler embed so that you can leave comments during the video (so you can let me know when I am out of my mind) and have more opportunities for interaction.

Thanks again for visiting the site, I love the interaction… so please post comments reply to others comments, and be apart of building community.

~ Aaron I

27. March 2009 by Aaron Irizarry
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