Friday Vidcast 5-29-09

This weeks Vidcast covers, design updates, dealing with burnout as a designer, the new Microsoft attempt at search, and other Web Design, and User Experience topics.

News and Updates

So on the update front development on the new TIAL is moving along thanks to PSD to WP. I am also taking submissions for guest articles. If you would like to write a guest post or have a suggestion for something you would like to see covered in an article shoot me an email I am also looking for creatives/developers to interview, so if you have any suggestions shoot those my way as well.

Site of The Week

I read a great article this week over at A List Apart about burnout. Burnout is something that can become very common for designers/developers especially with the hours we keep and nature of our projects. I suggest reading this article wether you feel burntout or not. Burnout can creep up on us, and it is definitely something that can kill creativity, productivity, and efficiency. Here is a small snippet providing some warning sings to watch for

You may be flirting with burnout if:

  • Every day is a bad day
  • You are no longer emotionally invested in your job or the work you’re doing
  • You feel unappreciated or do not feel like you’re making a difference in your job
  • There is a clear disconnect between your personal values and what is expected of you
  • Self-defined goals or those imposed on you are unrealistic or unreasonable
  • A significant amount of your day is focused on tasks that are not fulfilling on a personal or emotional level

You can read this article in it’s entirety here. This is a very helpful article and probably my favorite ALA article to date.

Food For Thought

So Microsoft announced the coming launch of it’s new search platform “Bing” yesterday. Some have said that this search engine will be the death of google, but if I had a dime for every time I heard that… I would be living in the Grand Cayman Islands by now. I do think that it will be a vast improvement over “Live” their previous attempt at a search engine.

The branding is another story, no.. well actually it is the same story, at least in my humble opinion. I dont mind the colors as I have always been a fan of blue and orange(I mean who isn’t right?), but personally it just looks like a bad golf logo.

For a more in depth look at Bing check out this search engine land article.

Thanks to Marc Hemeon for the topic suggestion, he is a cool guy check him out on twitter

Wrapping Up

Wrapping things up with a bit of follow love check out my homie Brandon Muth, he is a cool guy with a fun blog, and some cool ideas about stuff, and design, and stuff. You can follow him here.

A sincere thank you to everyone who continues to visit the site interact and show some love… the wwarm fuzzies are greatly appreciated.

~ Aaron I

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  2. Yeah, the logo blows. It just feels like it’s all stretched out…not good.

    Garth’s last blog post..Busy as all get out

  3. So here are my thoughts (as a opinionated brand designer) on Bing. I think how they are trying to position themselves as search engine site that gives you “more than google,” is some what of a smart approach. However, when I was watching their tutorial it seems that the site is going to lack in execution (like most of their ventures i.e. commercials, products, etc). As far as the actual brand identity and image, they are just following suit with every other online player (i.e. hulu, twitter, etc). Don’t get me wrong here…I think the new biggie web players are capitalizing on a look that is extremely marketable and applicable, however, if Bing is going to be revolutionary and kick google out of the game….their logo should be revolutionary too.

    I wouldn’t say it as a brand/logo is bad, but somewhat neutral. They are using simple san serif fonts with bright primary colors. It lacks personality and uniqueness. As far as my personal style and preference goes, I think the mark is squatty and a little unbalanced. I would have liked to see a mark that really breaks the confines on what people would expect from a web based company….cuz thats what their product is going to do right?

    If Mircosoft is really going to launch a “google killer” they should really consider doing something different, rather than following suit to what everyone else is doing…. 10 months later. Like you said Aaron, they are behind the ball on everything and then try to poke fun of everyone that did it first and accentuate their inferiority. In my opinion, if we were going to see anyone come out with an interface that is superior to Google’s (in ux and brand essence) it would be a job for Microsoft’s competitor. (but we all know that would never happen cuz Apple and Google are best of friends).

    But Macs are “more about looks than computing power” right? ;). I hate those commercials.

    Joel Beukelman’s last blog post..Another 1011 Roadtrip…

  4. Dude, when I read “Burnout” it was a smack in the face. It has awoken something in me that has been asleep the past few months. An internal struggle over my current position in life. Mainly dealing with the fulfillment I get out of my job and how much time I spend at home working, when I should be relaxing or giving my time to my wife. The worst thing about getting burnt out is the apathy. When you don’t care, but you still try and produce work, the heartless design shines through.

    That kind of segways in to what I think of “bing”. Microsoft’s whole approach seems to be one of “heartless” passion. If they were really set on beating Google at their own game, they would’ve done it sooner. But now that they see no one is using MSN Live Search, they have to make some noise and get some peoples attention. But at the end of the day, the year, what will people still be using to search? Probably google. And if not google, then probably something google made or someone google bought out. Not that I condone a monopoly, because I believe competition is healthy, but Microsoft just doesn’t have the skills to compete anymore.

    To end on a happy note, thank you (again) for the shout out to Brandon Muth. I have been really enjoying his site.

    -Looking forward to next weeks Vidcast

    kyle steed’s last blog post..the blackthorn project

  5. The Alistapart article was great. And I agree, we really need more practical, quality articles like that in the design community. I love inspiration and link roundups, but those are usually immediately bookmarked and put to the side. What I want to actually read are articles with insight into this field of work.

    I also loved the part where you talk about being able to love what you do. I worked retail for a bit after college and it definately burnt me out. It was just a job for the sake of paying bills. Finally I realized I had to get back to something that I actually loved.

    This is my first time watching one of your vidcasts, great job!

    Heather’s last blog post..Floral Vector Shapes

  6. That logo is all kinds of horribad. Great Vidcast!

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  8. I think all the designers/bloggers are all approaching burnout at the same time. We should have a community ‘no blog/design week’ or something to relax and chill :)

    Niki Brown’s last blog post..Tutorials Gone Wild…

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  10. Some good ideas, good vidcast!

    Comment: The world doesn’t need another search engine it needs a decision engine! – reminds me of corn! Google in comparison to Yahoo, I think has thought it out better. The positives out weigh the negatives, Its simple and the purpose is clear. Most of the time the results I need, appear on the first page of Google & it finds the results I want 98% of the time. The corrections are subtle and they’re there if you need it. I don’t like the auto spelling correction on my iphone, & I sense Bing will be similar to that. Let’s see what happens.

    And the logo is like any other logo, doesn’t stand out enough, & I’ve been calling it Bling!

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