Friday Vidcast 9-11-09

In this weeks Friday Vidcast we discuss a great read from The Design Cubicle, and talk a bit about some of the recent Facebook updates and features.

Site of the Week

The site of the week this week is Brian Hoff’s “The Design Cubicle” which had a great read on getting more clients by building trust and relationships. It is a great read and really emphasizes the need for us to recognize that we are not just selling good design or development, we are selling ourselves, and hard work and taking care of our clients really goes a long way.

Make sure to check out his site and follow him on twitter if you aren’t already.

Food For Thought

So I am sure that you saw that Facebook added some new features this week. “Mentions” and “Facebook Lite” were released. With their release came the hype about Facebook putting twitter in check mate… Are we that desperate? do we really need to start all of the hype over something so simple and making sure you are current in your space? You tell me… I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Wrapping Up

So wrapping up… Thanks again to everyone who continues to visit, read, and interact on TIAL. It really makes me want to work harder on new features and a better experience for everyone. I really appreciate all of you.

Since it is Friday I gotta send out dome Follow Friday love. Some of you know Fontburger… she is a hungry young design student. She recently launched her blog and I am constantly reminded, by her passion to learn, to stay hungry to learn more and simply get better at what I do.

So follow her and enjoy. @fontburger

Would love to hear your thoughts on anything discussed in the vidcast today… even if you are telling me I bumped my head.

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11. September 2009 by Aaron Irizarry
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