Friday Vidcast 9-11-09

In this weeks Friday Vidcast we discuss a great read from The Design Cubicle, and talk a bit about some of the recent Facebook updates and features.

Site of the Week

The site of the week this week is Brian Hoff’s “The Design Cubicle” which had a great read on getting more clients by building trust and relationships. It is a great read and really emphasizes the need for us to recognize that we are not just selling good design or development, we are selling ourselves, and hard work and taking care of our clients really goes a long way.

Make sure to check out his site and follow him on twitter if you aren’t already.

Food For Thought

So I am sure that you saw that Facebook added some new features this week. “Mentions” and “Facebook Lite” were released. With their release came the hype about Facebook putting twitter in check mate… Are we that desperate? do we really need to start all of the hype over something so simple and making sure you are current in your space? You tell me… I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Wrapping Up

So wrapping up… Thanks again to everyone who continues to visit, read, and interact on TIAL. It really makes me want to work harder on new features and a better experience for everyone. I really appreciate all of you.

Since it is Friday I gotta send out dome Follow Friday love. Some of you know Fontburger… she is a hungry young design student. She recently launched her blog and I am constantly reminded, by her passion to learn, to stay hungry to learn more and simply get better at what I do.

So follow her and enjoy. @fontburger

Would love to hear your thoughts on anything discussed in the vidcast today… even if you are telling me I bumped my head.

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11. September 2009 by Aaron Irizarry
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Comments (10)

  1. Hey, I really appreciate your effort to bring great stuff to the design community. I am not agreeing all the time with your comments but it’s SUPERB! Imagine, if we are all thinking in the same way. It should be boring.

    I am following Brian Hoff’s for a while. His blog is like a bicycle in the 5th Av. at 8 am, so smooth. He gives good advice.

    Also, I use Twitter coz it’s so dynamic, fast and Facebook is time consumer. It’s like Ballet and Sumo.

    Thanks to share it.

  2. Sweet. I don’t think we should be wrapped up in one social arena or the next. They are only tools that are helping us connect with each other, not the “end-all-be-all” of our lines of communication. As long as we keep things in perspective, and get away from our computers to meet and hang out with people face-to-face we’ll be okay. Then maybe we can call it “Network lite” with some “lite” beer.

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  5. Aaron & Kyle, I totally agree. I think these medium (fb & twitter) are just that. They are simply tools to connect people, just like the telephone and email. Obviously they have been rudimentary in transforming how we communicate, but the name of the site is going to change as will the format. I think the thing to focus on is the community and connection. We should be worried about the end result, not how we get there. Much Love Guys!

  6. i agree with everyone’s comments above. i don’t think facebook will “steal” any twitter users by using @ tags to reference friends. if anything facebook should have tried to be original and come up with their own way to tag friends. as you said Aaron, these two mediums will be around for a while. just like how people still use AIM, MSN Messenger, Email, etc., people will continue to use these two formats to connect with people. Users will choose whatever medium best fits their needs and not what’s necessarily at the centerstage of the trend circus. while it’s always good to be up-to-date on current trends, user experience and fulfilling the user’s needs will always trump whats trendy.

  7. Thanks for bringing up that post of Brians, I had read it earlier this week and really enjoyed it — went back and showed him some comment <3. …It is so true, however many subscribers you have, getting comments is the most exciting thing!

    there is definitely room for Twitter and Facebook in the game, for sure. I use both pretty actively, but it's true — the style of interaction you get from the 2 tools is completely different. I am really excited about Facebook adding the @mention feature, this is something that will make really add to the interaction!

  8. well i just typed a comment and then lost it.. somehow.. i dunno.. i’ll try to recreate it..

    OK.. so, Thanks for mentioning Brian’s blog post cause I read this earlier in the week and thought it was awesome, but you reminded me to get my butt back over there and show him some comment <3. It's true, however many subscribers you have, getting comments on a post you worked hard on it always SO EXCITING!

    As for Twitter V Facebook — there is room for both players in the game. I am pretty active on both and really see them as 2 completely different types of tools! I am excited about some of the features Facebook will be adding like Twitter-style @mentions… i don't really care who did what first, its just about making the user experience better and Facebook having @mention will add to my experience, so i think its awesome.

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  10. Aaron,
    I know I am a little late on this one, but can’t thank you enough for the mention of my site and article. Really love these vidcasts you do – well spoken and informative. Keep up the stellar work! :)

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