Perception and the Design Community

In this video I discuss the idea of how we as designers (or whatever your skill set is) can get caught up in working towards building a perception of ourselves that we want others to have. We can often (well I know I can) get caught up in gauging our successes of others in our community, especially those who write books, speak, and are regarded highly in the community. By no means am I trying to minimize the achievements of others, or say that we shouldn’t be mindful of how others perceive us, but if we focus to much on how other perceive us, or trying replicate their successes can be very damaging.

I read a great article related to this earlier in the week by Elisabeth Hubert titled “Are You “Good Enough” at Being a UX Designer?” it is definitely worth a read, no matter what kind of design or development you do.

Also a quick thanks to the lovely Whitney Hess for reminding me of what I love to do. I haven’t been posting as much as I like as of late, I have been finishing up a rather large project, and it is eating a lot of my time. As it finishes this month you can expect that I will be posting more, including some case studies of recent projects I have finished up, in an effort to share what I learned.

Thanks for being awesome.

~ Aaron I

10. December 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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