Problem Identifying vs Problem Solving

This vid talks about the need for more than just constructive criticism, and push for constructive problem solving. Make sure to check out and follow Titus on Twitter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on feedback and constructive criticism.

23. March 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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  1. I learned this through my volunteering at a non-profit and it has crossed over to all aspects of my life. People that only pointed out the problems in any situation really sucked the energy and momentum out of any sort of creative brainstorming. “This won’t work because…” is an easy way to try and show your dominance in a meeting but hopefully most managers and people in charge are able to recognize how damaging it is to creative processes.

    I hadn’t really thought of this happening in the design community – probably because I don’t stick around to read the flame wars in most instances. But I hope it works itself out…

  2. Useful idea, not complaining without having a solution in mind. I think I may borrow that.

  3. Agreed! Life becomes a lot more fun when things are approached from a “can do” point of view instead of a “why can’t they do it like this?!” point of view.

    I think a lot of complaint comes from those who feel like they don’t have the power to change things. Weather it’s because they actually don’t have the power or they’re just not willing to take on the work that comes from taking that power.

  4. Totally agree. I also think if we consider the tone of our feedback/solution given in a spirit of generosity and encouragement, the person will receive it in a positive manner. My hope is when we give feedback/offer a solution we can create a conversation and engage the person into creative thinking and problem solving, which will grow them as a creative person and, in the future, they will produce a design (solution) that has been developed into a solid piece.

  5. Good word Aaron! I love that you are breathing life and positivity into a snobbish culture that so desperately needs it!

    Attack that Giant!
    .-= [author]´s last blog ..The Best Thing Today =-.

  6. Great stuff. I know I can get in ruts of complaining and not offering solutions. Great reminder to change perspective.

    What good does complaining do if you aren’t offering solutions anyway?!
    .-= [author]´s last blog ..Best of the Mid Valley =-.

  7. thank for letting me use the camera, homes. love the new design, looks great! my favorite so far.

  8. Aaron,

    Great piece. Russ Unger & I have been talking about this problem for months, and have actually been trying to change the way we tackle design problems.

    After working through some possibilities here: Repeat Email Address Solutions, Russ wrote this piece about what we were trying to do: Solving the “Repeat Email Address” Form Issue. Maybe..

    I’ve done a bunch of these sketchy-prototypes recently, and they’ve been an absolute boon to the design process.

    ~ yoni

  9. Thank you!
    I really expect that a lot of guru-designers like you take those words.
    This issue really plays a great deal for beginners like me on daring to participate at design forum discussions.

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