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Our field is always changing and growing, at times it can be hard to balance work, side projects, family, and finding time to grow in our trade. How can we continue to expand our knowledge without breaking the balance we have in life. There is one thing that I have found useful I have become a sponge, and I recommend that you become one as well(if you aren’t already).

I have a pretty busy life so finding time for reading and learning can often take a back seat to work, family, BBQing, tattoos and the other important aspects of life that are constantly competing for my attention. By becoming a sponge I take the approach of sucking up as much as my environment as I can in an effort to grow, and improve/expand upon my skill set.

One of the main ways I do this is reading blogs and listening to podcasts, so I thought that I would share with you some great reads that I have come across over the last few weeks. In the next post I will list some great podcasts that have been really great learning tools. My goal is to regularly (every few weeks) post some articles that I found to be helpful or provided good insight into something I was learning, or wanted to learn more about.

Here is a round up of articles that I have found useful over the past few weeks. I you have some to add, please post them in the comments.

Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

This is a cool read that served as a reminder that I am only going to grow when I get out there and try new ideas, and concepts on projects without being to afraid to make mistakes.

When Creative Conflict is A Good Thing

Conflict is something we can’t avoid and if approached with the right attitude can be beneficial, this article approaches that concept.

Sign Up Forms Must Die!

Whenever I get the chance to hear Luke W talk about web forms I jump on it. he always has great insights!

Drawing The Line

I think that sketching is super crucial to the design process and this article has all kinda of rad inspiration.

Playing in the Sandbox

It can be so easy to get caught up in designing that we can lose the passion and drive behind why we do it. This is a great article about experimentation in design.

Under Cover UX Interview

I have seen of DIY UX coming up a lot recently and I think it is very valuable. So many of us are lone User Experience Designers, or work at companies that provide limited budget or resources, so finding way to still be effective and show value are crucial. This interview dives into this concept.

Design Systems Need to Be Challenged

I recently published a video on taking a fresh approach to User Experience Design and this article also addresses the topic (though with more eloquence).

Hopefully these articles can inspire and instruct you in a way that gets you fired up about what you do. Like I said above if you have read something lately that inspired you please do share.

13. October 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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