Setting Goals and Sharing Advice

With the new year right around the corner it is a great time to take inventory and set some goals for the new year. I would love to hear what  your goals are, and what motivated you to set them.  Also I am collecting “tips/advice” for the next “Making the Transition” vid… so send them my way.

Please send all tips for the Making the Transition vid to

I will be linking the submission back to twitter user names and websites so please make sure to include that info. If you are really feeling it shoot a quick vid of your tip or advice, and I will include it in my video.

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28. December 2009 by Aaron Irizarry
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  1. Aaron – this year I am not setting goals, Im picking 3 words to keep me focused – based from @chrisbrogans blog post –

    • Marc,
      Hope you had a great holiday… that looks like a cool article by Chris Brogan, I am gonna spend some more time reading it.

      I like the idea of picking the 3 words to keep focused.

      ~ Aaron I

  2. So Far I got:

    Today (dont put anything off, do it TODAY!)
    Move (move my body, my mind etc.)

    still pondering for my third word. . .

  3. I just wrote a blog about my workplace resolutions. Essentially, they’re: stop procrastinating, keep up on my to-do list, expand my network, try out new tech, and don’t forget to get some fresh air every once in a while. The upcoming year is not one I can just on my laurels!

  4. Aaron,

    Love the idea of tracking goals for 2010. One of my main goals is to learn to fully code html & css from scratch. In wanting to learn this, my goal is to redesign whoisjoel and code it all myself…from scratch. ;) Moving beyond just knowing design. Woot!

    We will see if it gets done, but it is definetly my biggest drawback right now in my skill set.

  5. Do, or do not.

    There is no try.
    .-= [author]´s last blog ..Why It’s Important for Freelancers to Keep Normal Business Hours =-.

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