The Lost Art of Critique

Recently I have been noticing a trend in the way people are offering “critiques”, or “feedback” within the various design communities. I am pretty sure this is nothing new, but as of late three particular events have brought to into focus a very negative of this aspect of our community interaction.

By no means is this a rant, but more of an encouragement for all of us (myself definitely included) who interact with others in our respective communities top re-evaluate the value of our critiques of others work.

As mentioned in the video the three instances that really caught my attention were;

1) The launch of, and the ensuing public skewering (for lack of better words) of Marc Hemeon, for making a mistake in his implementation of logging in with twitter.

2) Whitney Hess’s blog post “Start UXS” about UX and start up’s and the subsequent response “Losing Faith In UX” by Dirk Knemeyer.

3) A Dribbble shot about Dribbble Etiquette .

In all three of these circumstances it is amazing to see such a talented community losing sight of the value of critique. I know we can all get caught up ( I know I do) in being critical from time to time.

Having a critical eye is crucial to design, but having a constantly critical attitude is damaging to our community, and ourselves.

Well there you have it… just some food for thought. I welcome your feedback on this topic.

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10. August 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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