User Experience Resources for Front End Designers

This post is a list of great UX resources for front end designers, and anyone else looking to find good reading and people to interact with in the UX community.

Good User Experience Blogs



52 Weeks of UX

Boxes and Arrows

Pleasure and Pain

Everyday UX

Julie Strothman

Loren Baxter – A Clean Design

Brad’s Rambling

Real Skies

Theresa Neil

Nick Finck

Wireframes Magazine


User Interface Engineering Blog

Luke W Design

I Think Therefore IA

UX Groundswell

What Makes Them Click

UX Matters


Johnny Holland

Semantic Foundry

UX Leadership

User Experience Twitter Accounts

aka (Rad UX people to interact with)

Instead of making this page go on until the end of time.. I am only going to post a couple of links to lists of Rad UX people to follow.

Again I encourage you to follow and reach out to these people and interact… ask questions, ask for feedback. We have a grat community, Make good use of it.

Again I can’t take credit for the building of these lists… but I have definitely benefited from them. :)

29. July 2010 by Aaron Irizarry
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Comments (30)

  1. Thank you so much for your insight on this subject! Very helpful! Thanks again!

    • @Steven,
      thanks for taking the time to check it out. :)

      • Hello Aaron:

        I am currently attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh as a freshman. I am studying to be a web-site designer and in the sixth week of class, I am required to make a Power Point Presentation on someone who is well known in my field of study. I would like to know, before I start working on the presentation if this would be OK. If it isn’t, please let me know. Also please, if it is possible, give me some idea as to what you do besides test web-sites for user problems using Click Tales.

        Thank you

        Morris Patman

  2. Hey Aaron,

    thanks for providing this list. Really helpful for research writing my thesis about usability and ux!

    Merci beaucoup!
    – Alex

  3. thanks for the great list, I’ll add some of those blogs on ux section, this is really helpful.

  4. I use to hate list post… But this one is really amazing, only awesome links ! Thanks a lot :)

  5. Great collection of resources. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very nice and especially usefull list…..

    Appreciated here..

  7. Thanks for including me on your list.

  8. these are of immense help to me..i know a couple of these earlier…thanks a lot

  9. Awesome list. Honored to be included in it.

  10. Awesome list! Always nice to keep the ‘go-to’ resource base growing. :)

  11. Ty for the list!

  12. Great list. I’ve submitted your site to – the UX-specific search engine.

  13. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for sharing. I do appreciate the many good people that share their insights in this industry.

    Another highly valuable resource, for me anyway, is
    Not only do they share best practices and principles, they often share real world examples of projects and clients they are working on. Can’t live with out my daily Zurb.


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