User Research Friday

I am really excited to have the opportunity to speak at User Research Friday on June 24th. I have been a fan of the Bolt Peters gang ever since I read Remote Research last year. When I saw that they were holding User Research Friday in my neck of the woods I was stoked to attend, and now even more stoked to be a part by sharing some of my experiences around user research and usability testing with limited or no resources.

This isn’t just a conference for people who do research… If in any way shape or form you design something that someone will use you do well by learning as much about them as possible to better equip yourself when designing for them.

This one day event will be packed with great info and resources for learning ways to gather valuable information about who you are designing for. It is fairly priced, and attendees get a free Loop11 Project ($350) and a free Ethnio Account ($400) and the chance to win a full set of Rosenfeld Mediabooks!

So come hang… nerd out with the rest of us, and enjoy a great day in San Diego.

If you have a story about user research, or usability testing on a slim budget, or little resources I would love to hear how you hustled to get the data about your users.

23. May 2011 by Aaron Irizarry
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