Using User Interface Design Pattern Libraries

If you are like me and you are working through the flow of different elements within the sites and apps we are working on, it can be helpful to have some reference material, these references can be very helpful in seeing the different approaches taken to interaction design.An example of this could be a case where I am working on a check out process and want to use an according type functionality to guide users through the steps faster, instead of having to go to multiple ecom sites and go through the check out process I can reference a design pattern library .

Now let me state that I am not saying we should only find design inspiration from gallery sites or existing design patterns. What I am saying is that it can be very helpful to look at other patterns to see how our work compares, or if we are stuck to look at the approach some of our peers have taken. I would also say that submitting your own design patterns is a great way to give back to your design community.

I have complied a list of design pattern libraries, and a couple of peer submitted resources/review sites (design moo and dribbble) that I have used for reference or found helpful in some way shape of form.

Welie Interaction Design Patterns

Yahoo Design pattern Library

User Interface Design Patterns


Pattern Tap

Endeca user Interface Design Pattern Library

Design Moo


Elements of Design

UI Patterns

If you have resources that you have found helpful please post them in the comments. I would also suggest building your own resource library they can be lifesavers when in a bind.

11. February 2011 by Aaron Irizarry
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  1. Great stuff! This is very useful. Please note that there are a couple of dead links.

  2. One that I really like is Premium Pixels – They always release awesome stuff.

    Another inspiration one like Dribbble would be

    Nice list Aaron. Pattern Tap and Dribbble are my fav’s from the list.

  3. Cool list, the ones I use the most are dribble and Pattern Tap too. Here is a grate link for UI resources

  4. As always, great article and list of resources. A few in there I use and a few I will have to check out. Great list Aaron!!

  5. This is an amazing share, thank you so much! only knew about pattern tap before, but will definitely bookmark them all. first time i landed on your blog, and i must say you know your design!

  6. Shared with our team, great resources.

  7. This page was really useful for me today, thanks for putting it together, great collection of resources.

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