Web 2.0 Expo 2011 New York

Coming this October 10-13th I will be speaking at Web 2.0 Expo in New York. Yet again I get the awesome privilege of co-presenting with Adam Connor. We will be presenting Discussing Design: The Art of Critique

Critique is something that I am very passionate about and now more than ever I am seeing a need to open up discussion about what critique is and why it is so important. If we take a good look at twitter on any given day we can see a ton of conversation around design work, and yet how much of it is really productive?

So many of us have dealt with design reviews, and trying to communicate with stakeholders and other team members about the designs we are building, only to have them be frustrating and yield very little benefit. In our presentation we discuss these the different facets of critique and use real life examples to help demonstrate how to facilitate useful critique in different scenarios.

There are a ton of other great sessions at this conference so make sure to get registered and come hang with us in NY.

Also NY friends… I would love to catch up and hang out with as many of you as possible while I am out in your hood. Hit me up lets make plans!

02. August 2011 by Aaron Irizarry
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